How To Build A Harem (Gamma Game)

Arnie over at the SigmaMind brought to my attention a thread about one “alpha provider’s” extreme move to stop girls from reneging on the hook up once they saw his nice apartment: I love this example because it outlines in full detail the absurd and (to a guy’s perspective) unfair nature of female sexual strategy.

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Homeless Man Mindset

It’s always amusing for me to watch the “storylines” some of these marketing guys use to get guys to jump onboard their products. Consistently, they pander to man’s most base instinct: laziness. Can’t really blame them. (Even if their “hacks” won’t reproduce results in 99.9% of similar guys) Chances are, they’ve found the “exception” —

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Stop Studying Game

A colleague on Twitter the other day commented about how “aspiring PUAs” would throw shade at him if, for instance, he hooked up with a girl because she invited him back to her place — and little work on his part was required. He was somehow “fake” and “not really good at picking up women,” since women were picking

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The First Shall Be Last

If you guys are in my Dynamic Men group, you might have known I witnessed a (failed) daygame attempt today in Miami. (For the deets, and to get some basic daygame tips, join here: I poked fun at the guy a bit, because technique aside, he was dead in the water. You can’t dress below

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Don’t Bring A Pig Home

I’ve been trying to cut back on my social media usage. I find my mood *and* concentration are better when I lay off, even if I’m only looking when I’m not working. Which has led to the phone being removed from many places, such as the bathroom. At my house, I basically sit in silence.

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