December 2021

The 3 Stages of Relationship Health

Something I’ve mentioned before, but not directly on here, are the different dynamics you will see in your standard “post-honeymoon” relationship. Obviously the highest tier is the most healthy kind. This is the couple that is warm, affectionate, respectful, and who — if they even have issues — communicate through them relatively calmly, and allow

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The Worst Kind of Nice Guy

It’s funny how it tends to happen like this. But yesterday I had two situations with clients occur — and while the scenarios were different — each had remarkably similar themes. In the case of one of these clients, he had been dating a girl for about a month. Things were going well, they had

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Male Comfort Issues

Interesting exchange occurred the other day between the great Ben Foth and me over what a male comfort issue might look like: As you can see, I already gave my two cents. But I gave the response offhand, and it wasn’t adequate for the topic — so let’s consider it a bit more. Women want commitment on

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Why I “Bully Women”

So it seems as if I touched a nerve. Roobz — a woman who I have been on panels with, and who I have only ever supported — decided to make some comments about my marriage in a public forum. Apparently she felt it was appropriate to raise her opinion among strangers. So I raised the

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