October 2022

Happy Wife, Happy Life?

One of the most infamous and ridiculed expressions in the manosphere is the normie exhortation: “happy wife, happy life.” And it’s ridiculed for good reason. In most contexts, it’s a justification for a man in a relationship to appease his woman at the expense of his self-respect. It is placation. He needs to do everything in

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Interview With Alexander Cortes – Fitness Guru And Philosopher

My interview with Alexander Cortes – Fitness Guru & Philosopher – is LIVE Inside we discuss: – history & evolution of training – women who hang with fighters (2 types) – matriarchy vs patriarchy – is dancing ghey + TONS more. This is honestly my most controversial interview to date, AJAC pulls no punches WATCH HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOnSPoKJ3dM

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Slow-Motion Cuckoldry

A tragic yet perennial story hit the timeline the other day: While it is of course obvious to outsiders this relationship is over — the girl will be sleeping with the guy if she hasn’t already — I have some understanding of this man’s stupefaction. Because 12 years ago, when I was a young padawan, I found

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