July 2018

My Apology To DJ Khaled

About two years ago I wrote an article on DJ Khaled’s dating advice. It was a silly article. I made fun of DJ Khaled’s brains, while respecting his supreme confidence. (and considered what you really need to get women) But I’m realizing now that I was wrong. Not about the importance of shameless confidence… but about Khaled. It

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Why I Spent 30k

Friday night my wife was at a work function and I was a little “socialed” out, so I decided to stay at home, have a few gin and tonics, and watch a war movie. (I had planned on something sophisticated like The Thin Red Line, but I cheapened out and went for Saving Private Ryan.

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My Weirdest Addiction

Last weekend was the biggest amount of time I’ve wasted in ages. I let a strange addiction take me over, something I had buried a long time before and thought I had passed. Axis and Allies. Not necessarily because I love to PLAY the game.  Because I try to modify it. I want to make the game

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