Starter Story Interview

Merry Christmas Eve my friends – just a short email for you today. As many of you know already, my wife had a baby last week… so took a bit of a hiatus on writing. We will be resuming on the 26th. In the meantime, if you’re interested in hearing the story of my business […]

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Is “Sapiosexual” A Real Thing?

The other day the great Komander Xander commented on the following tweet: Which was a great opportunity for me, as I realized this new fad of modern women claiming to be “sapiosexual” is something I’ve never addressed. So what’s the story with it? Is it real or not? As usual, there’s some nuance to this. Sapiosexuality means

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Cucked By Love and Light

As you all know, I’m a very curious person. In an effort to really understand (and thus serve) men in their relationships with women and themselves, I’ve perused many different communities. One of which are the “spirituality” or “new age” ones. Now, not going to rag on these people too much. They are very sweet

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Is She Really “Tier 1”?

A reader writes in: ‘Hello Pat, I trust this message meets you well. I have an issue about dating to relate to you. I hope you find time amid your busy schedule to provide clarity. I met a girl I am attracted to, and we started speaking. In my observation, I would say she’s a

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