October 2019

Is Dating Younger Women OK?

One of the big divides between “red pill” / pick up communities and the mainstream is about age. Which age of a girl is appropriate for a guy to date, and which isn’t? A lot of people, older women of course, but even other middle aged guys with daughters… find the impulse to date “low” […]

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The Bodyshaming of Pat Stedman

So perhaps some of you saw, I was “bodyshamed” yesterday by the usual suspects on twitter for a picture I had with Anthony. Comments I received? “Soy tits” “Bad posture” “Baby arms” Now, never mind that these guys worship a dork who looks like a middle aged lesbian. Conventional wisdom would suggest I should just ignore

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An Amazing Cold Approach Failure

Quick little story I wanted to share with you guys. As many of you know, there’s been a few ripples of problems in the UK with cold approaching. Two court cases are ongoing right now, involving guys who made women uncomfortable during their approach. (For what it’s worth, while the one involving a young anxious

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Should Grown Men Cry?

As many of you saw, I put out a few tweets the other day re: how “not crying” doesn’t make you tough, it’s a sign of emotional repression: Some of you wanted me to elaborate on this a bit. Honestly I think my comments speak for themselves. Guys around these parts are so insecure about how

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