January 2018

Doping for Dopamine

Hang around the self-improvement community for even a little and you’ll start to audit your life on an almost unconscious basis. You’ll realize which behaviors are helpful, which are self-destructive, and you’ll think almost incessantly how to cultivate the former and stop the latter. It takes a bit more time to learn this is not […]

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The Real Cause Of Alpha

Yesterday I talked a bit on Twitter about an interesting topic for men: sexual shame. I don’t mention sexual shame very often, which is strange really, since it’s a cornerstone piece of the work I do with my coaching clients. But I want to explore it a bit today — not only because it’s a key

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When You Get Turned Down

So in my other job, I recently had a big sales opportunity. I was selling a high-quality product at a low price point, to a place that had the space to sell TONS of the product. It would have been a huge coup for me to make this sale… and I was confident about it

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The Cougar Ascendancy

Everyone who’s at least somewhat awake to gender dynamics understands, when it comes to preselection, women desire men who are high status and good-looking. Bad looks, you need status. Low status, you need looks. (though note: status is relative to the environment, so don’t think you need to be an international celebrity to have high

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In Defense of Attacks

I talk a lot about the importance of strategy over tactics. As in, not focusing on short-term actions that undermine the broader goal. Some examples? – Trying to get a girl when the very act of pursuit undermines your frame– Gaming a girl who is not a good fit for your broader relationship goals– Orienting

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