June 2022

Interview With King David – Quit Porn Strategist

My interview with Quit Porn Strategist @KingDavidQPS is LIVE We talk porn, sex, and overcoming bad habits… We even explore the question of whether porn is *always* bad, and if any kind of sex in a committed relationship is unhealthy LIKE & COMMENT WATCH THE INTERVIEW HERE

Interview With Dovid Feldman – Marriage Counselor

Phenomenal interview with Marriage Counselor @dovidfeldman We go DEEP into relationship dynamics And where the red pill fall short (and can even screw you up big time) Also talk about some controversial ideas around sex… Was a very mind-expanding conversation (including for yours truly) Watch here the interview here. And don’t forget to LIKE COMMENT & …

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Increase The F*Ck Rate?

Very provocative viral blog came out from @medgold a few weeks back I wanted to touch on. The post is long, and I’m not going to engage with all of it for the sake of focus. I encourage you to read it in its entirety. Suffice to say, there is much I agree with… though much I think …

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Should You Date A “Tomboy?”

A term that is perhaps less common these days (yet nevertheless persists) is the “tomboy” — aka the girl who is “one of the guys.” Part of the reason we hear about less about these types of women in “the current year” is because many these days are encouraged to identify as lesbian or “non-binary.” …

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Interview With Femininity Coach Leila Tomasone

My Interview With Femininity Coach @limitlessleila is LIVE We cover: – how to create SEXUAL POLARITY in relationships – age gaps (can they work?) – self-confidence/femininity correlation with women + TONS more WATCH HERE LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE