January 2020

Is Romance Dead?

An interesting tweet by Michael Sebastian got some traction yesterday, as did my response: Going to elaborate on it, because I think it’s something trad guys in particular struggle to understand about attraction. Cutting to the point: People have all sorts of dumb fantasies about what women used to want, as if female desire has […]

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The Problem With Hot Girls

One of the easiest ways to weed out the dummies (or at least inexperienced amateurs) in the dating community is to what extent they fixate on getting 9s and 10s as their “ultimate goal” when it comes to women. This may seem counterintuitive at first glance. But there are a couple of reasons. First, obsession

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How To Move On From A Breakup

Got a question from a subscriber the other day, more or less asking the above. It’s a bit of a general question, and so is probably better answered in a blog post (maybe I will create one, one of these days…) But anyway, to spitball… The most important things you NEED to do after a

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Getting Her vs Keeping Her

One thing that really irks me about so many of the internet larpers, ebook scammers, and dime-a-dozen “love experts” is the ignorance and arrogance that their simple, one dimensional formula will solve all of your romantic issues. Guy who learns how to take girls home after meeting them knows “the secret” to owning a woman’s

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Why She Wants To Be Pampered

It’s common knowledge most women love the finer things in life. Women are attracted to rich men, women care disproportionately about fashion, and of course, most consumers are women. And so there has always been this tension in the male provider-paradigm that a woman wants to spend things a man earns, and doesn’t think so much

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How Meghan Destroyed Harry

Full disclosure before this gossip column analysis: I could give two SHITS about the royal family. Prince Andrew is a confirmed pedophile, and he’s just the surface of the evil shit that goes on behind their “glamorous” lifestyle. But nevertheless it is very interesting seeing how things have unfolded with Prince Harry. Of course, it wasn’t hard

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