Nick P

“For the longest time, I’ve found myself being able to get girls but doing so superficially. I knew I wanted to understand women on a much deeper level and after consuming the majority of his blog, I knew Pat was the real deal. He helped me much more than just understand women but held a […]

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Jake V

“Working with Pat was a great experience. Pat has a very good understanding of social dynamics, and has suggestions and insights that go much deeper than the surface – but doesn’t neglect surface-level items either. Working with him, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the right mindset and tools to attract women

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Brian K

“Pat is a self-described “Dating + Relationship Strategist”, but a more accurate description would be a “Soul Revealer” or something similar. Before speaking with Pat, my life had been whirling before my eyes, and I was going nowhere. I had always had an easy time attracting women, but the rest of my life was in

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“I approached Pat early on in my journey when I was attempting to stop being a nice guy. I was the nicest of nice guys. I am married to a smart and capable woman who ran roughshod over me at every turn, which was making my and my family’s life tedious and miserable. The dynamics

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“I’ve been working with Pat for nearly three months to keep my long-term relationship on track and improve my habits. Even with several sessions to go, I’m extremely happy with the results. My relationship is better because Pat has helped me get better. Bottom line: If you’re considering coaching, I highly recommend working with Pat.

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“Pat provides immediate empathy, switching dynamically from solving sexual frustrations to dating confusions to diving deep in childhood trauma and encapsulated frozen personality aspects and generation karmic entanglements, almost all-knowingly leading inquiring personalities with fatherly intuition. Pat is exceptionally aware and heartwarmingly compassionate, carefully guiding troubled souls to confront darkest corners of psyche with crystal

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“I never thought about the technicalities of what held me back in social interactions, but not only did you delve into the technicalities of my issues, you also helped me to understand what they meant within the bigger picture. For a long time, I was skeptical of how a call could help my personal life

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“Within a year of meeting Pat, I left my job, started my own company, and have drastically improved my sense of self-worth. My confidence to engage beautiful women and maintain quality relationships has gone through the roof. Patrick sincerely wants to make every one of his clients a better person and unlock their potential. Life

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“I got in touch with Pat for a few consulting sessions after reading his blog and following him on Twitter. Right away, this turned out to be a good decision as he attentively listened to my issues while asking the right questions, upon which he correctly diagnosed what the main problems were. He was able

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“When I came to Pat I was painfully aware that I did not understand how to interact with girls. I’m also Pat’s first African American client which I thought would introduce more complexity but it genuinely had zero impact during our time together. I’ve always been a jock which put me in the “popular” circles

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