“Pat is a self-described “Dating + Relationship Strategist”, but a more accurate description would be a “Soul Revealer” or something similar. Before speaking with Pat, my life had been whirling before my eyes, and I was going nowhere. I had always had an easy time attracting women, but the rest of my life was in shambles. Professionally I was always in trouble, with chronic bouts of unemployment coupled with having to move back home multiple times. This of course translated into some deep, entrenched, spiritual issues that spilled over into my relationships with my parents/family, my friends, my career (lack thereof), and with women. As I would find out after speaking with Pat – I was consistently using female affection to mask all the other major problems in my life, most importantly my professional career. Pat finally honed in on all these things and more – you must realize, Pat sheds light on the DARK areas of your soul that you have been unknowingly and subconsciously suppressing for YEARS so that you are ultimately changed for the better, for all time. With Pat’s help and guidance, I was able CLEARLY TO SEE what I was doing and why I was self-sabotaging my professional career and my life in general. Within just a session or two with Pat, I was able to quickly correct my self-sabotaging actions and ultimately begin my journey down the RIGHT PATH. As I said, Pat is a SOUL REVEALER/HEALER – a “dating coach” label does not do him any justice. You simply cannot afford NOT to have him as your mentor – your soul and future self will thank you.” Trust me.

Brian K