February 2021

How To Measure Growth As A Man

In self-improvement circles, there’s a generally healthy competition among men to out-earn, out-learn, out-lift, and of course out-fuck each other. Which is fine. If you need to keep tangible metrics, all of these ones are understandable. Indeed, you would think making more, knowing more, lifting more, and fucking more are all signs of “winning.” Yet there are

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Are There Healthy Fantasies?

Received a question the other day re: one of my tweets: A lot of the nitty-gritty of this confusion comes down to definitions. So let’s attack this term “fantasy.” What does it really mean? I do not think it is useful to associate it with masculine and feminine ideals. Ideals are behaviors to strive for.

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The Easiest Way To Last Longer

That’s right, we’ve got a sex email for you today. Want to reveal some stuff from a conversation I had with a friend the other weekend, as it’s a question I get very often from clients: “I can’t last very long, how can I change this?” Well, while there are a lot of psychological reasons

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Audrey vs Marilyn

Been on a classic movie bender as of late. And I found myself all the way back in the 50s, comparing the two iconic actresses of that era… Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Very different archetypes of women… which we will be exploring shortly. What’s interesting is that Marilyn has been promoted more in the

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Adventure Dates?

The brilliant Taylor Burrowes had an interesting suggestion for young men last night: I love the rebellion against conventional dating wisdom, which is to grab dinner, drinks, or coffee with a girl early on. “Active” dates (aka during the day and involve you moving around) in contrast don’t usually get much love. But should they?In my humble opinion,

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The True Bifurcation

As most of you know, I got into a little trouble recently. Won’t talk about the details, for reasons I’m sure you can appreciate. But this event’s gotten a lot of media attention, which has made me a bit “infamous” in some quarters… something interesting to witness both personally and professionally. When your name gets

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