As most of you know, I got into a little trouble recently.

Won’t talk about the details, for reasons I’m sure you can appreciate.

But this event’s gotten a lot of media attention, which has made me a bit “infamous” in some quarters… something interesting to witness both personally and professionally.

When your name gets slandered — when you’re accused of rocking the boat — who sticks around, and who doesn’t?

I’ve been quite grateful to see most people in my life — including some I hadn’t talked to in years, and many who do not share a similar worldview as me — rally behind me.

But what’s been interesting is who hasn’t.

And I’ve noticed a trend.

Those who said sayonara aren’t defined by their politics.

(The party divisions are an illusion, we all want the same things; moreover some of my biggest “betrayals” over the past 5 years have indeed been from “conservatives”)

Rather, they’re defined by their level of FEAR.

I’ll give you a non-personal example.

My clients have been OVERWHELMINGLY supportive of me in spite of the allegations. They know who I am, and they appreciate that I’ve been there for them — most frankly find my resilience through the whole matter inspiring. Some have even sent bitcoin or donated to a fund to help with legal fees. Not a single one has disowned me or broken ranks.

Except “one”… kind of.

You see, I hadn’t actually started working with this guy. But he had paid… last spring.He didn’t want to start working with me yet, however, because of the pandemic.

I am sympathetic to this, and regardless am not going to force people to meet girls when interacting with strangers makes them feel unsafe.

But I want to make the point that he wanted to push off doing the deep work too, ostensibly for various logistical reasons… but if you can’t find the time for a 3 hour call over 11 months…

Point is that when this guy wanted a refund, it was not surprising (I gave it to him of course).

Because the guy was in a state of fear.

You might argue my “incident” had given him a reason he was unconsciously looking for to back out of coaching altogether.

My *real* clients on the other hand?

They have left this state of fear, in no small part for many as a result of my coaching.

They took the jump. They not only paid… but got on the call. And continued to show up for calls in the months after.

Which allowed me to help mold them, and destroy these low-vibration pockets of shame and anxiety.

So now they live life from a state of courage, rationality, and love.

And have gotten very good at attracting and keeping women in the process 😉

Anyway, the point of all of this?

I suppose you could glean a couple.

But the main one is that this past year has seen a bifurcation of people based on their CHOICE of whether to exist in low or high vibration.

Are you so afraid you won’t leave your house, and wear a mask even when alone in your own car?

Or are you willing to go outside without “protection,” and enjoy the community of loved ones?

It’s not really about COVID. That’s just one of many vectors revealing the polarity and the state of one’s consciousness.

Understand… it’s OK if you are afraid. I’m not judging you for that. You might not know how to live any differently. We all have our traumas that condition us to feel and act a certain way.

But those traumas CAN be broken. And there are those who have ample experience in breaking them.

The only thing we require?

Your consent.

You must CHOOSE to change… and then show up with us to make those changes manifest.

I do not exist in a state of fear, and I do not work with people committed to staying there.

I will not save you if you do not want to be saved.

But if you do want a different experience of life… a more confident and light one…

Apply here:

– Pat