The American Soul

“Did you hear they’re removing Trump from the ballot in Colorado? What do you think is going to happen, J6?” I don’t know why people ask me these questions anymore. My track record at predicting the future – like everybody else’s – is a trail of embarrassments. I can see clearly certain inevitabilities, but the […]

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Why It Is Different With Her

There are some subjects you are just not supposed to talk about when it comes to attraction. Discussion of techniques is expected. The need to calibrate your behavior based on context, encouraged. The role of intuition, begrudgingly acknowledged — though not much understood. Most people assume, to the extent “intuition” in an interaction with a

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Why Women Are Single In Their 30s

My response to the infamous RFH went viral yesterday: Unsurprisingly, many men took issue with this observation (you can check the tweet replies if you wish, don’t want to put the spotlight on anyone who doesn’t wish it). Their primary arguments, to summarize, were: 1) Women are responsible for their own outcomes — if they

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Caught In Her Claws

had a client a few years back who wasn’t one of my better ones. Don’t get me wrong, he was a good guy and I liked him. But he’d disappear for long stretches of time. When we had calls, he’d forget them, or come in late. From a professional standpoint it was frustrating. I will

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Unconditional Love

I saw a woman on the beach this weekend with a horribly disfigured face. I’m ashamed to admit I was curious why. Was it some genetic issue? Of course, you don’t stare, so I only gave discreet, peripheral glances. What was interesting about this woman though was she was clearly in a relationship. The man

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Do Men Want “Crazy” Girls?

Put out a tweet yesterday that went somewhat viral: Unsurprisingly, it pissed off a ton of guys. Many insisted I had issues for even suggesting it. This isn’t much of a shocker for me. I’ve long said that while the manosphere is decent at understanding female nature, they are terrible at understanding their own. Most

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The Truth About Female Horniness

This will probably be an exceptionally controversial email. But I want to open the door on this subject, because I find the commentary on female sexuality for the most regurgitated and unconsidered in this corner of the internet. First, let’s take a few well established observations and lay them out: Then let’s take two competing

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