September 2016

Why Do Women Love Status?

WHY DO WOMEN LOVE STATUS? There is one iron-clad law of the dating game: Women love status. Consciously or not, they gravitate towards men who have popularity, riches, and fame… and if in a relationship, desire that their men achieve higher status himself. As such, many men make it their be-all-end-all goal to acquire as

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The 5 Rules Of Complimenting A Girl

THE 5 RULES OF COMPLIMENTING A GIRL Conventional dating advice is convoluted. One “expert” might say this, another that… sometimes their advice even directly contradicts each other. You’ve probably heard some of it before: “Don’t compliment a girl or she’ll ditch you!” And it’s inverse… “If you want to get a girl to like you,

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Should Men Cry?

SHOULD MEN CRY? Unlike many in the modern age, I am not one that thinks men are better off now that emoting has become encouraged. A man’s self-respect and a man’s fortitude come from taking tough times under the chin, and ruling their emotions… not letting their emotions rule them. The lack of this stoicism

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The Springs Of Your Life

THE SPRINGS OF YOUR LIFE I am currently typing this article from a friend’s flat in London, over by Baron’s Court (if you know the area). And I’m not going to lie, it feels a bit surreal. You see, when I quit my job and started musing over this business, I moved to London to

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