October 2020

A Case Study Of Girl Game

A reader writes in: Hi Pat, how are you man ? Sorry bothering you but I have a question for you for the next email or dating periscope. I am only asking you this because I am so bothered with this and I dont have anyone to ask for advice other than you. So I thank […]

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The Wrong Kind of Roleplay

Was talking to a client the other day about some big changes going on in his life. In short: things are going well. After many years of degeneracy and dating some insanely toxic women, he’s turning his life around. He’s gotten more involved with his faith, and is now on track to marry a beautiful,

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Exorcising Girl Problems Away

Bit of a weird email for you today.But I wanted to talk about something that’s been occurring more and more in my practice. Something that’s very strange to discuss for many, and indeed may not appeal to most. And yet, has proven very useful to those open enough towards it. Those of you who have

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How To Fix Performance Issues

A reader writes in: I recently just got into my first sort of “relationship.” I’m 23 and I’ve had a lot of emotional issues in my life bc of my parents divorce and my terrible relationship with my mother. I’ve been talking with her for a little over a month, and we have a great time

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