October 2021

The Escort Archetype

The great Nash linked this old story of his on Twitter the other day, where he talks about a date with a girl who was well out of his comfort zone: The girl’s energy reminded me of a story I read a few years back, which I would struggle to find now, about a genuine escort detailing […]

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How Damaged Is Too Damaged?

Another short email for you today. Slogging away on the big report I’ll be dropping in the next few months. So about damaged girls. We all know they aren’t worth it. Not so interesting, I know. Whether they cheat on you or simply make your life a living hell with energy-draining behavior, they are best

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How To Save A Ho

Last email I made the following aside about promiscuous girls: “I will contend that a woman who has truly processed her mistakes and takes full responsibility for them has a solid chance of getting a guy — because she will have the wisdom that comes from exploring her shadow. The problem of course is most

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Don’t Listen To The E-Girls

Been meaning to address something happening recently in the manosphere that may irk some of my female subscribers. But, it’s happening enough — and in some cases being so severe — that it’s worth warning you gents. Please take “e-girl” commentary on attraction with caution. Ever since our corner began to really break into the

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The ‘Easy Sex’ Curveball

Short email for you today. But wanted to address a not-uncommon, but often confusing situation guys get in. You have a girl who is very interested in you. Aggressively so even — she asks you out, initiates the exchange. And so you guys go out. Game on, right? You’re gonna close no problem. Except on

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Romancing The Whore

Another good thread from Roobz decided to riff off of: First things first: women DO struggle to receive admiration for their beauty these days. Social programming has been very successful at traumatizing women and making them consider the “male gaze” oppressive or demeaning. Most of the modern problems in sexual dynamics flow downstream from this.

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