October 2023

Why It Is Different With Her

There are some subjects you are just not supposed to talk about when it comes to attraction. Discussion of techniques is expected. The need to calibrate your behavior based on context, encouraged. The role of intuition, begrudgingly acknowledged — though not much understood. Most people assume, to the extent “intuition” in an interaction with a […]

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Why Women Are Single In Their 30s

My response to the infamous RFH went viral yesterday: Unsurprisingly, many men took issue with this observation (you can check the tweet replies if you wish, don’t want to put the spotlight on anyone who doesn’t wish it). Their primary arguments, to summarize, were: 1) Women are responsible for their own outcomes — if they

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Caught In Her Claws

had a client a few years back who wasn’t one of my better ones. Don’t get me wrong, he was a good guy and I liked him. But he’d disappear for long stretches of time. When we had calls, he’d forget them, or come in late. From a professional standpoint it was frustrating. I will

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