July 2020

Dating Across Politics and Race

Could use some guidance on this… I have a black girlfriend. We’ve been dating 6 weeks and everything has been great. Deep connection. Aligned values. Undeniable physical attraction. It’s the most heart centered relationship of my life. We were driving on Saturday and she saw a Trump 2020 sign & cracked a joke. She then […]

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How To Date Online Today (7 Rules)

I tweeted out today some observations about what’s happening in the online realm. Which, considering this stuff is my “business” — might be considered a bit risky. “Wait Pat, you’re saying that your clients aren’t getting great results online? What does that say about you?” It says I’m honest. It’s not just my clients, it’s

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Can A Good Friend Hold You Back

A reader writes in: Hi Pat, I just had a major realization, that I’ve been living (to some extent) within the “frame” of a close male friend. E.g. seeking validation, following his lead in things. #nohomo Have you ever written about this, or have tips for how to build your own frame? — I’ve written about ditching

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Why Women Are Cruel To Weak Men

One thing that seems incomprehensible, and indeed threatens permanent resentment for many “recovering nice guys” is why — despite all the kind things they did — the women they loved and cared for could act so cruel to them. These are guys who were, on paper, the perfect boyfriends — they were considerate, generous, patient.

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Is Girl Game “Bad”?

One of the topics I’ve “pioneered” in the manosphere is the concept of “Girl Game” — the things women do to seduce men, and how men need to protect themselves accordingly. And because so few gurus talk about it — most guys are concerned with gaming women, not preventing themselves from being gamed (a big mistake) —

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