April 2021

Thank God For OnlyFans?

Tweeted this out the other day and promised I would expand: So let’s address the elephant in the room. Most guys in our corner HATE OnlyFans. They see girls turn 18 and then sign up for an account, and consider it a sign of the end times when they rake in tens of thousands overnight.

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Female Pimps

Was talking to a client the other day, and it occurred to me I hadn’t addressed a very interesting topic. Something that has underlined one of my strategies when it’s come to dating for years, even if I never spoke directly to it. I’m talking about the power of “friendzoning” girls who you connect with,

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How The Manosphere Hurts Men

Ok, let’s be fair before I go into this. We all know the manosphere has been a “net benefit” to the community of guys out there. It’s shown men how to look better, make money, and be attractive. It’s even beginning to teach some higher level spiritual lessons, and build the leaders — both of

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