Was talking to a client the other day, and it occurred to me I hadn’t addressed a very interesting topic.

Something that has underlined one of my strategies when it’s come to dating for years, even if I never spoke directly to it.

I’m talking about the power of “friendzoning” girls who you connect with, but don’t feel a strong romantic vibe with.

I won’t go into this too much in depth here (I talk about it at length in the masterclass).

Simply put it’s a strategy to rapidly grow you social circle, practice flirting, and develop a reputation as an attractive guy.

It makes you stand out as most guys will try to hook up with any woman remotely attractive. “Friending” shows self-restraint, and can even make these girls who were uninterested develop some level of desire for you.

But what’s interesting about it is that these girl friends — especially if they are otherwise taken — often don’t simply introduce you to their girl friends, they become straight up pimps for you.

A great example of this the other day occurred with my client, when one of these “girl friends” offered to introduce him to a single friend in her building who was “lonely.”

It’s basically like saying “I can’t fuck you, but you should fuck my friend.”

Nature expressing itself through women, perhaps? Helping other women to catch the best genes when they’re taken?

My guess is this plays some role.

But there’s also a massive emotional playoff for these women.

Because if they know what you want and can provide it for you, that makes them more important than the girls they’re farming out.

Indeed, you see this phenomenon taken to its extreme in many “poly” communities. There’s a main girl who is OK with sharing her guy… so long as SHE is the one who picks the women, and maintains the top-position.

At any rate, point is… leveraging this impulse can be very useful for your dating life.

You basically turn the women you didn’t try to date into your personal concierge for other women.

The catch?

You need to execute this “friendzoning” correctly. And convey the right sort of energy.

Otherwise… she won’t introduce you to anybody, and might even block you from the girls you’re really interested in.

How to avoid such a fate?

Work with me.

I’ll help you calibrate everything… and show you which girls to “friend zone,” which to pursue romantically, and exactly how to do it. 

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– Pat

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