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So let’s address the elephant in the room.

Most guys in our corner HATE OnlyFans. They see girls turn 18 and then sign up for an account, and consider it a sign of the end times when they rake in tens of thousands overnight.

Commentators like Roosh — a former PUA turned orthodox “monk” — have considered it more or less on par with the “end of marriageable women.”

But personally?

I don’t think it’s necessarily a “bad” thing.

No, I don’t think it’s “pro-social” either. Obviously the glorification of this way of life is a big problem. I wonder how many girls from broken homes have turned to OnlyFans as a way to get the money and attention they never had but needed.

But what a lot of guys don’t seem to understand is that this has been more or less the way of society for ages.

It’s NORMAL to see women from poor and broken families turn to prostitution.

The only thing different about OnlyFans from the traditional route is that

1. it’s safer for the women and
2. more subject to economies of scale

So basically these women are less likely to be physically abused, get STDs, and more likely to make money (if they’re attractive and “good at what they do”)

Not so bad, huh?

Of course, all of this is analysis is from the cost-benefits to a whore — not society. So I get most people in our corner don’t really care about these “modern marvels.”

Where they might care, however, is how it will begin to change the behavior of regular women.

Let’s be honest:

Since the sexual liberation of the 1960s, we’ve seen premarital sex take off. Gradually marriage rates have declined, and the number of partners among women have risen — an increase reaching a crescendo with the rise of online dating, particularly Tinder.

I would not consider myself “trad” in the sense that I am not strictly against pre-marital sex. But the mindless promiscuity that’s occurred this past decade is by all accounts alarming.

Women went from a few hook ups outside of relationships to racking up bodies. It was getting to the point where most 25 year old girls on the market would have 25 partners — many double or triple that.

There’s been an obvious backlash to all of this brewing, not only among men, but women themselves. Women are starting to rightly question how this promiscuity not only serves them, but how it makes them feel.

The reason I’m reminding us of this trajectory, is that we’ve gotten to a point as a society where a significant number of women were sleeping around.

(Not all, as I’ve said before there is selection bias — the single girls you are most likely to meet are the most promiscuous, so a lot of guys are hooking up with the same girls — but I digress)

“Regular girls” were starting to act like whores, instead of the normal 10-20% you’d expect.

OnlyFans has been GOOD in that it’s basically placed women with the choice:

Either profit from this way of life directly, or quit it.

Why work retail and hook up with a new guy every week, when you can simply get a webcam and raking in the cash? You have to admit it makes sense. I don’t blame these girls for making their choice.

But a lot of the girls who had been casually hooking up, are now finding as a result of OnlyFans, etc. that they are not getting the attention they used to.

And moreover — as they see the “party girls” they know go this route, they will start to polarize against it… and ditch the promiscuous lifestyle.

Now, will ALL of these girls stop with the hook ups?

Of course not. But like in all things this day, there will be an increasing bifurcation. As most sluts go towards full-on prostitution, most regular girls will start to disassociate with slutty behavior.

Better than what we’ve had, as far as I’m concerned.

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– Pat

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