April 2018

Ethical Seduction – What Is It?

Yesterday on twatter I put out a quote on “Ethical Seduction” ***Ethical seduction: Understanding someone’s weak spots… and causing them to love you for helping them overcome them.*** Some people wondered whether this was no different than just being kind. Spoiler alert: It is. Not to diminish such gestures, but anyone can be kind. It doesn’t […]

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Deep Game

Personality work is polarizing in the dating community. Some people swear by it. Some write it off entirely. A major reason for this divide comes down to fear. For instance: Many people think personality is the be-all-end-all in romance because they are worried about coming across as sexist, and think personality conveniently writes-off gender. “People

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The Quantity Mindset of Dating

The other day I tweeted a thread about The Red Pill (TRP) applying primarily to damaged women, and won’t work for emotionally healthy girls… though indicated within it that *most* women are indeed damaged, and that the number of these is growing. Subsequently, a follower made an observation: “This point seems undermined by your admission

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“What’s Wrong?”

It’s funny being in relationships with women. Even the most “level headed” girls go through emotional swings for seemingly no reason. It’s usually pretty annoying. We’re feeling great and then she comes over pissy about something. Bad energy, ruining our good vibes. So we want to solve it. We want to make her happy, because

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The Most Underrated Skill In Game

I was talking to a (potential) client recently about an interesting thing: trust and relationships. (If you want to consider working with me, go here: www.patstedman.com/application) Truth be told, it’s not something I’ve gone over too much with clients to date. Most guys who work with me want to learn game, want to get their minds

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When *Not* To Use Dread

Dread Game, especially dread game focused on Persona, might be the most controversial piece of advice in TRP canon. For the uninitiated, Dread Game is effectively raising your “sexual market value” and then putting yourself on the market, or at least giving the impression of that possibility to the woman in your life. It’s basically

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Borderline Betas

The other day there were a couple of great comments by Avaritia (@ethenes) and Randy Treibel on something that’s been a real fascination of mine recently: Cluster B (personality disorder) women… and the men who date them. A few highlights here: “if you ever want a cluster B to leave you alone, kill them with kindness.

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Is Seduction Ethical?

I work with a wide range of clients from all around the world. It’s made me realize the ways men are both the same, in how women orient them — and different — in personalities, values, backgrounds. Ergo, something I have to be constantly aware of is not to project my own beliefs onto others.

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Schrodinger’s Shit Test

Years ago, back in my aimless college years, I worked with a couple of professors on a “strategic threat assessment” for the US government. Basically, our job was to use our knowledge of geopolitics to look at areas the US was at risk internationally over the next 20 years. This involved the usual checks of

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