February 2020

The Sixth Love Language

An interesting article was posted in our client-only group the other day I recommend you give it a read, but to summarize the argument… in addition to the classic five love languages defined by Gary Chapman (acts of service, gifts, physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation), the author notes that there is a sixth: distance. Cutting to […]

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Is This Guy A “Beta”?

A thread “To My Future Girlfriend” went around a week or so back, which I bookmarked to talk about: The thread actual goes on, but you get the picture. At first blush it looks pretty cheesy — you might say as “blue pill” as content comes. This guy is talking about all the different ways

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Are Women The Prize?

Was asked to comment about this thread: And I think I know the reason why. Our community is very much about thinking and acting like you are “the prize.” Viewed through a certain lens, this thread about women “knowing their value and acting like it” seems very feminist. But the truth is that I don’t really

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How Alpha Widowing Works

Saw a very tragic story in the Relationship Reddit, one I wanted to comment on: Most of the comments are directed against this guy — like he is the “bad one” here. And I get it. He lost his temper, he was mean to her, he scared her. But at the risk of sounding like some people

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Why I Don’t Read Books

Very often I’ve been asked what books have influenced my thinking around women. And I feel like people have been rather disappointed by my response. You see, I don’t read that much. At least not in a “formal” sense. Ok, I read a TON. But my material is diffuse — there’s no real organization to this.

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