The Red Pill

All Men Are Like That

As it is International Women’s Day (so I’ve been informed; nobody knows about this in the states), I think it’s as good an opportunity as ever for a little perspective shift. Most of you reading this consider yourselves red pill, manosphere, or at least adjacent to these spaces. Perhaps you are here out of disillusionment with

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Are Women ALWAYS Fucking Someone?

Interesting tweet from FortWorthPlayboy (FWP) the other day: (Check out our interview if you missed it) I was asked what I thought of it by a reader. Surprisingly, I am actually not in full agreement. Not that I don’t see FWP’s point. I agree many a girl has claimed she “was single…” but nevertheless indulged in an ex or past

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A Bonafide Tinder Slut

A lot of people doom-posting about a viral tweet regarding a girl’s online dating sexual history: Frankly, I understand why. When you see stats like that, it can make you lose hope in being able to find a quality woman. Extrapolate that half year outwards, and you are looking at a girl with hundreds of sexual partners.

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Does Monogamy Bore Women?

Finally caught up on this short Atlantic article, asking the pivotal question: Are Women The Bored Sex? Unsurprisingly, this article — despite being written by a feminist — comes to similar conclusions as the Red Pill. Women stop wanting sex in monogamous relationships, especially after co-habitation. Yet another reminder that the Red Pill and Feminism are two sides

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