September 2017

The Cost Of Numbing Yourself

The other day a tragedy happened. A good friend of my wife and I — one of the coolest, most loving, funny people we knew — died. He was 35. The cause? Alcoholism. He got checked into the hospital earlier this summer with cirrhosis, and almost died then. The rest of the summer he was […]

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What’s Behind The Beta

People talk about Alpha and Beta a lot as ways to indicate a woman’s sexual responsiveness to a man. Generally this is shorthand for the “lover-provider” paradigm — the Alphas of course being the lovers, the Betas the providers. This is a useful heuristic in many ways (and a great rhetorical tool, especially if you’re

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The Burden of Power

Someone the other day on Twitter noted how interesting it is reading the biographies of famous people. Not because of what they’re famous for, mind you, but for what they did before. Invariably, their lives weave through all sorts of adventures and tragedies before they end up in their role that defines them historically. I mentioned Churchill

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The Ultimate Date Idea

My sister just sent her youngest off to school today. It’s her kid’s first day of first grade… and my sister’s first day of not having any children running around the house. You’d think she’d be happy, FINALLY some freedom. The reality? Acute depression. She loves babies, and was very attached to her last child.

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Artful Man Interview

In this interview with the Artful Man, we go deep into MBTI, drama in the manosphere and where it needs to go, and what we can expect in the future from Artful Man and his upcoming site. If you find personality and attraction interesting, you won’t want to miss this. You can find Artful Man

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