The 3 Stages of Relationship Health

Something I’ve mentioned before, but not directly on here, are the different dynamics you will see in your standard “post-honeymoon” relationship. Obviously the highest tier is the most healthy kind. This is the couple that is warm, affectionate, respectful, and who — if they even have issues — communicate through them relatively calmly, and allow

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The Worst Kind of Nice Guy

It’s funny how it tends to happen like this. But yesterday I had two situations with clients occur — and while the scenarios were different — each had remarkably similar themes. In the case of one of these clients, he had been dating a girl for about a month. Things were going well, they had

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Male Comfort Issues

Interesting exchange occurred the other day between the great Ben Foth and me over what a male comfort issue might look like: As you can see, I already gave my two cents. But I gave the response offhand, and it wasn’t adequate for the topic — so let’s consider it a bit more. Women want commitment on

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Why I “Bully Women”

So it seems as if I touched a nerve. Roobz — a woman who I have been on panels with, and who I have only ever supported — decided to make some comments about my marriage in a public forum. Apparently she felt it was appropriate to raise her opinion among strangers. So I raised the

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The Bad Kind of Virgin

Last night I had a bit of fun rattling the hornet’s nest with these tweets: Apparently, much of the trad community REALLY doesn’t like it when you infer that a virgin in her mid-20s who can’t find a man might have some problems. Because if a girl is a virgin that automatically means she’s a

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Four Doors Your Whores

Something very interesting was reported the other day after the Rittenhouse trial. It turned out that the girlfriend of one of the guys Kyle shot (in self-defense) was “sympathetic” to what Kyle was going through and “offered to be there for him if he needed it.” She then, after testifying, passed him her number in

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The Male Conquest of Women

Had a conversation with a client the other day that reminded me there’s a topic I haven’t much addressed. We’ve talked before about the romance process, and how it’s the man who pursues the woman. And how it’s a woman’s prerogative to put breaks on that process — to create obstacles, to say “not yet.”

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