Something very interesting was reported the other day after the Rittenhouse trial.

It turned out that the girlfriend of one of the guys Kyle shot (in self-defense) was “sympathetic” to what Kyle was going through and “offered to be there for him if he needed it.” She then, after testifying, passed him her number in the courtroom.

What on earth is going on here? Is this real life?

Actually, you might say this sort of exchange is more real than anything we’re normally exposed to in our usual clown world.

Because THIS is the real, raw, dark side of women — the crux of hypergamy, which all other expressions are derivative from. When you kill a woman’s man, especially in a fair and honorable way, she becomes not simply your prize… but very often willingly offers herself to you.

As a man, you hate to see it. But you have to admit it “makes sense” from a biological standpoint.

Even putting aside the twisted eroticism of the female id, practically speaking, how is a woman supposed to survive if her man is taken from her? She must find a way to maintain her stature, and protect her children. Offering herself to her captor is natural and intelligent strategy. Especially as it has powerful symbolism for said captor.

Such expressions are of course rare as they are frowned upon today (at least to this degree). But they were common in the ancient world. For instance, I am currently reading a biography of Alexander the Great. At one point in the story, Alexander captures the wife, mother, and daughters of Darius — the Persian Emperor, and his primary foe throughout the war.

Alexander treated them all wonderfully after capture and with utmost respect. Indeed, Alexander became quite close with them. And so when Darius’ wife — Stateira I — died in childbirth the next year, he gave her a burial only befitting a queen.

You might say all of this was just good manners and formalities. Except she gave birth more than 9 months after she had been captured. No one can say for certain, but it seems likely Alexander slept with his rival’s wife.

You might claim it was rape. But this seems unlikely given the fact that Darius’ own mother — Sisygambis — became one of his closest advisors, and treated him like her own son.

Anyway, the point of these above anecdotes his simple:

Yes, women are very capable of doing this. And many will do it in less dramatic circumstances (will disappear with your competitor when you’re down on your luck, for instance).

Does this mean women are BAD?


But it does mean you need to have full awareness of this “other side” of them, so you’re prepared for the worst.

Because it’s only when you understand this dark side that you can fully appreciate the light.

“But Pat, where DO I learn about this dark side of women?”

Sinple, actually

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