Interesting exchange occurred the other day between the great Ben Foth and me over what a male comfort issue might look like:

As you can see, I already gave my two cents. But I gave the response offhand, and it wasn’t adequate for the topic — so let’s consider it a bit more.

Women want commitment on the “comfort” side, and so it follows naturally that they would be afraid of losing that commitment.

But for men, it’s not exactly commitment that they are afraid of losing deep down. This would be a womanly response from a man — “I’m afraid she’s going to leave me.” When a man is worried about this, the woman is already out the door.

A more precise way of describing male neurosis with women would be about infidelity. It’s not uncertainty about the woman leaving, but about not cheating.

This subtle distinction is indicated in the response men and women respectively had to a survey about infidelity years back. 80% of women were more concerned about a guy emotionally cheating (aka investing in another woman) than casually sleeping with another girl. Meanwhile, the proportions were inverted when it came to men.

All of which makes sense evolutionarily. As a man, you don’t want to unknowingly raise another man’s kid; as a woman, you don’t want to compete with other women over your man’s resources.

But this is frankly not a particularly interesting observation, and has been said plenty of times before.

What is more interesting is to consider how all of this affects a man’s behavior.

If comfort issues for a woman stops her from fully opening up to you and surrendering… what does it do to a man?

It seems as if it does more or less the same thing.

If a guy is not sure if a woman will cheat on him or not, then he becomes hard towards her. He doesn’t want to fully open up. And he withholds some degree of affection and attention, because a) it keeps her focus on him (she has to “try”) and b) protects him in the event things do go awry. If he doesn’t let her in, she can’t hurt him.

This is a collective trauma you see in men all over today. If you read love letters from men — much harder men — a century ago, you see a genuine emotional openness and trust towards women that is sorely lacking now. These guys, even though they would head into battle or the great unknown unflinchingly, would be called simps in the current year.

But they weren’t simps. They were, however, by and large dealing with a different kind of woman — one far less damaged than the ones you see today. While I would never say infidelity never happened back then, it was more of an aberration and far more social shunned. Moreover due to the expectation of dating leading to marriage, failed courtships were less common and less dramatic — and rarely consummated early. In other words: it was easier to pair bond, and to trust the one you pair bonded with.

Now it’s hard to trust anybody. Which is why one of the biggest barometer that a community has broken down isn’t simply crime, but the number of women cheating. It shows there is no social cohesion, and no respectable men.

But I digress. What’s my point with all of this?

While you shouldn’t open yourself up blindly to a woman, you are never going to get the intimacy you crave if you cannot express your feelings about her towards her.

She needs to feel your love and desire. Do not give this up to a woman blindly — screen carefully, and understand her level of trauma. But after you do the best you can with vetting… you need to be willing to risk.

Because emotional without risk, there is no emotional reward.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a way to manage that risk… and screen women for whether or not you should commit to them…

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Alright, enough talking.

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– Pat