August 2019

What Is The Purpose of Monogamy?

So the other day I put out a thread on monogamy on Twitter. And received the following question in response: “interesting ideas… could you expand on the leveraging of libido among others’ point? And what you mean by ‘exploring their shadows’ — what does this actually entail a person doing? I get the idea but don’t […]

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The Energy of Men and Women

So a few days ago I put out a thread today that’s going a bit viral on the nature of male and female energy. You can read the thread here. But, some elaboration on it… and why I’m talking about these things now.I’ve gone through an enormous number of layers and models when it comes

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In Defense of Rollo Tomassi

In Defense of Rollo Tomassi As many, if not most of you, know — I’ve had a long, not-so-cordial history with Rollo Tomassi. Those who aren’t caught up can see an anthology of our history here, dating back to summer 2017: Pt 1: The Ultimate Imperative Pt. 2: The Way Forward Pt. 3: What Is

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Adventures with Goldmund (Pt. 2)

So last time we talked about some French girls we met while Goldmund and I we were doing some “interviews” of girls dating and relationship lives. As you recall, these French girls were actually in committed relationships. Not so much the case for these next girls we met. First was a very cute, petite hispanic

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