April 2020

Is It Unattractive To Be Happy?

A very interesting study crossed my path from a client this morning I had to share. Basically the gist is that women who displayed “happiness” were deemed most attractive… while men were deemed the least. Meanwhile, men who displayed “pride” were considered sexiest; women the least. I think we can agree off the bat that […]

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What A Woman Feels When You Fail

I talked about this on Twitter awhile back, and have been meaning to elaborate on it: The first reaction from a lot of guys, upon seeing this, was the usual cynical frustration you see so often in our corner. “Typical woman, leaving when things get rough” “Hypergamy doesn’t care” But there was an alternative take:

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Culture and Game

Following up on the last email… We were talking about CONTEXT when it comes to game. And yet… most of the context we discussed was simply concerning age. Not that it isn’t an important variable. It’s arguably the most important one of all. But a close second is CULTURE. And the truth is that the CULTURAL

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Is Game Always The Same?

Stumbled upon a really good exchange on Twitter that dovetails nicely with a lot of what we’ve been talking about with “context” recently: I love the point that Rivelino made. And it begs a very serious question: Is it game if she’s lower value than you? What is game, really? Now, I don’t want to get

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Are Hot Girls… Smart?

Heard an interesting comment the other day about models I wanted to riff off it: The tweet reminded me of an email I had written a few months back… where I posited that 7s and 8s were generally “the best” women that to commit to, as they had the most balanced personalities and were less

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