Following up on the last email

We were talking about CONTEXT when it comes to game.

And yet… most of the context we discussed was simply concerning age.

Not that it isn’t an important variable. It’s arguably the most important one of all.

But a close second is CULTURE.

And the truth is that the CULTURAL CONTEXT of dating in a given place makes a MASSIVE impact on how the game needs to be executed.

Culture has many tiers, of course.

There are at the bottom level, venues. These are things like a dance class, a club, a bar, an intramural sports league, work, etc.Then there are broader categories — religious, hipster, artistic, preppy, musical (to name just a few) that have within them subcultures based on the shared interests / identities.

One of the first things I do with clients who are looking to expand their dating options is zero in on these tiers, which I normally refer to as “demographics.”

But there is another, more broader tier, staring us in the face… even though it isn’t often talked about.

The culture at-large.

Because different ethnic and geographic cultures date very differently.

For instance, in the UK — and much of northern europe for that matter — people don’t talk very much during the day. They’re polite, but reserved — they keep their distance.

But at night, they get SHIT FACED, become loud, and hook up with strangers.

(I know, this also varies a bit across class in the UK — but it’s still a relevant distinction)

Meanwhile in other places, like latin america, it’s very common to chat up people during the day, to flirt, tease, joke.

And it’s not that people don’t get drunk at night and hook up… but it’s not as impersonal as it is in northern europe. You need to seduce the girl, and there is more of a “dance” around the process.

Catcalling, for instance, is a potentially jail-able offense in Orwellian Britain, whereas in Colombia it’s normal and women are even receptive to it.

All that said… I don’t want the wrong impressions to be made here. Catcalling isn’t very effective game, even if it works in some contexts.

And London is arguably the best “day game” spot in the world — despite the brits’ general reticence (though note: the city is more international than british).

The point is that even though the same tactics generally “work” — you are going to have different conditioned expectations to overcome. Which is very often a double edged swords.

Cold-approaching in a cold climate is more difficult because it’s unexpected — you will get more looks from strangers, and more objections from her. But you will also create more mystery and appear more confident, as what you’re doing is uncommon.

You being “different” is exotic, but also strange — and potentially threatening.

And perhaps most importantly, your own expectations about scoring may need to change.

In a lot of western countries, getting laid from a street pick up is possible if your game is good enough, and you’ve picked the right girl.

This would almost never happen in Eastern Europe or in East Asia. Sometimes girls will make you wait multiple dates to score, especially in the latter.

Their culture thus doesn’t simply impact the game within the courtship process, but how long that process lasts.

Anyway, I know a lot of this stuff is intuitive for you guys. You “know” that mediterranean, latin, and african cultures (warm) are a lot more sexually open than northern and eastern europe, and east asia (cold).

And yet we tend to forget when it matters… and if we move from one of these spots to another,  or even simply date a different girl from a different place, we don’t know how to recalibrate.Which is why you might consider working with me.

Because one of the biggest things I do with clients is not simply teach them game… but how to APPLY IT CORRECTLY.

Which means taking this context — and all the others — into consideration when we plan game.

Something you might especially want to consider now.

Because this COVID context is a very very particular one you NEED to calibrate for if you want ANY success.

One that some of my clients are doing very well in, since we’ve adjusted their strategies.

But even if you want to sit this time out — and I don’t blame you (others of my clients feel this way too)…

You NEED to be ready to take advantage of the post-COVID context that arises.

Because man… there is going to be a BIG release of tension… if you catch my drift.

Now’s the time to prepare.

You won’t have a turkey shoot like this again.

Apply here:

– Pat