How To Handle A Moody Girlfriend

HOW TO HANDLE A MOODY GIRLFRIEND Anybody who’s been in a serious relationship knows: with strong emotions comes intense fights. Once we care about someone and feel comfortable enough with them to not risk “turning them off,” we often start to take them – and their emotional energy – for granted. In other words, when

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How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits

Like many other men, I have struggled with destructive habits. I have consumed on a regular basis excessive alcohol, disgusting pornography, mind-numbing television, and emotionally-triggering (and unenlightening) news. I have pursued immature, dramatic women, surrounded myself with negative, stagnant friends, and avoided any sort of movement that made me sweat. And I have suffered as a

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Why Men Kill People

WHY ARE MEN KILLING PEOPLE? Another school shooting in America.  Another tragedy.  And another opportunity for this country to reflect on what caused it all.  The most common considerations have been, understandably: Guns (should we have more, should we have less?) The media (does the media glorify these events and make people want to do them?) And

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How To Get A Girl’s Number

HOW TO GET A GIRL’S NUMBER Ahh, phone numbers. One of the most talked about things in the world of dating and relationships. Getting a girl’s number – or in Pick Up parlance, “number closing” – is such an important stage that many men view it as a milestone as significant as kissing or sleeping with

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