April 2022

Why Nice Guys Are Evil

Read a harrowing story on Twitter the other day: It’s a long thread… you can go through the details yourself. But to TL;DR… this woman was dating a man and became pregnant with his child. Because she (African) was from a different background than him (Pakistani), however, his culture wouldn’t accept her. And so, while […]

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Humility And Progress

Going to keep this email short and straight to the point. A lot of guys in the manosphere talk a big game. But the fact remains… The biggest impediment to growth has been, and always will be, stubbornness and arrogance. Unfortunately, these are common traits among men. Most guys would prefer to struggle and stagnate rather

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Is Attraction Overrated?

Very thought-provoking tweet by YoyloPUA the other day: A lot of guys will disagree with it. Indeed, I am not fully in agreement myself — technically speaking. Attraction — by my definition, desire and comfort — matters. And you need to learn it. But, you need to learn it so that you can do exactly what Yoylo

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Why You Only Meet The Wrong Women

Guys tend to disagree with each other about the quality of women for a very simple reason: the women they experience are completely different. But the question isn’t that this happens, but why it happens. Generally it’s a combination of factors. No question, the environment where you are meeting women matters. You are going to get a

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