Quick email for you today.

Wanted to put on your radar a show I did with Clint Francis.

(WATCH: Interview with Clint Francis – Business and Sales Coach)

Clint is a former floor salesman – now Business and Sales Coach – with 14 years in the industry and multiple millions in sales.

Covered not exclusively:

– women & dating (20+ years ago vs today)
– consciousness and raising your energy
– sales techniques and how to close difficult prospects

You might be asking why I did this interview with Clint, seeing as he is completely “fresh” in this world. His channel has basically no views at the moment, and has some ways to go before it looks “professional.”

Well, the reason is simple. I know Clint’s story and I know how good he is at what he does. And I also know how difficult it can be to “shift gears” from the physical to online business world. So basically this is me giving a boost to someone who has the talent and experience but not the visibility.

A lot of you probably follow “Sales Gurus” on Twitter, and while not knocking all of them, a huge number of these guys are really amateurs / larpers who really only know the basics of sales. Their schemes and programs are essentially pump and dump.

Getting guys with Clint’s experience is rare, especially before they are established. I am not exaggerating when I say he has sold over several millions dollars worth of merchandise ON THE FLOOR. Contrast this to many of the big bad twitter gurus who brag about having six figures in sales total, when they have an unlimited online market.

Anyway, point is… I know a lot of you guys have businesses and could benefit from some solid sales advice, or are looking to change jobs / get into sales (which is a smart idea, as it helps you in everything, has unlimited income upside, and will never be automated away).

So if you are looking for some guidance, I’d encourage you to subscribe to Clint’s channel and reach out to him for services here: [email protected]

His advice is as good as it will ever be, but it’s extremely affordable now since his business is just getting started.

But you can decide for yourself after hearing him on the show 😉

Here’s the link again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CG021q6PJcU


– Pat