March 2022

The 3 Types Of Female Friends

So as many of you guys know, one of my most distinct and powerful concepts I’ve pushed is the idea of “friend-zoning” women. For those who don’t know, this is basically making a woman — and yes, often an attractive woman — your friend rather than pursuing her romantically. The goal being to “plant seeds”

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What War And Women Have In Common

As you must undoubtably know, there’s a war going on right now between Russian and Ukraine (and increasingly by proxy, NATO). Which means a lot of people — including yours truly — have become “armchair analysts,” commentating on the progress of the fighting, who is going to win, at what cost, etc etc Generally when

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Is “Independence” Cope?

Was asked to comment on a tweet the other day that is sure to trigger some people: My take? While I believe I understand the place that this person is coming from, the phrasing is poor… and is a classic example of someone swinging from one extreme to another. It is is true, for instance,

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