As you must undoubtably know, there’s a war going on right now between Russian and Ukraine (and increasingly by proxy, NATO).

Which means a lot of people — including yours truly — have become “armchair analysts,” commentating on the progress of the fighting, who is going to win, at what cost, etc etc

Generally when people discuss military matters they talk about weaponry and army size as the most determinant factors. Maybe also the experience of the troops.

These are “hard assets” which are quantifiable. And they are indeed essential to deciding victory.

But one of the things frequently ignored — to their extreme detriment — is one of the most “boring” aspects of warfare.


Which is incidentally one of the biggest things guys forget with women too.

A lot of guys come to “battle” with a force to be reckoned with. They’re physically attractive, charming, emotionally balanced. The girl they take out swoons.

But they struggle to close… because they didn’t think about a) where to bounce her to next, and/or b) to have a place nearby to take her home.

And so a girl, who was enjoying YOU, falls out of the moment and starts to get in her head… because you do not have a clear plan for the evening.

Sure, maybe you invite her to a cool drinks spot… but how far away is it from your place, or indeed from anything else? Maybe she’s enjoying herself at the date, but is she going to enjoy the 60 minute subway ride — assuming the train isn’t late — back to yours?

Smart men don’t simply come with good game, they make it EASY for a girl to say yes to the attraction they create. Everything is planned and set up from the beginning of the date so that they can move the interaction forward seamlessly. Great wine bar (with good service!) followed by a hookah lounge 5 minutes away followed by either short walk / cab ride to your apartment (less than 10 minutes). Wealthy guys may even have a car *waiting* for a girl to pick her up and take her to the date.

Obviously this makes the whole attraction process easier, because she does not have to think about anything. She can just enjoy herself… you have taken care of it.

Which is not only useful on a practical-level for escalation, but amplifies her attraction towards you… because this kind of “preparedness” is high-level masculine comfort, and makes her feel like you are an elite kind of man.

All of this makes a HUGE impact on a girl you start dating. Given how men act today, it’s almost certain she hasn’t met a guy with his shit together so much.

But this is just for the single guys. Everything here is EXTREMELY important for guys in relationships too.

Women LOVE it when their man has a plan. If you take your wife on a date or a vacation, make sure all of these logistics are clearly sorted out. Make it easy for your woman to enjoy herself. Cutting corners or pinching pennies over location is STUPID. I guarantee you she will not appreciate that you saved $100 a night to be 30 minutes from the city center. You will end up getting less romantic “bang for your buck” no matter what else you had planned. And you will get annoyed at her, because you will feel unappreciated.

Anyway think I made my point clear.

A guy with excellent logistics and above average game will do WAY better with women than a man with bad logistics and excellent game. Whether single or in a relationship.

Be a man. Come prepared.

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– Pat