June 2020

Hysterical Homies

Had a request the other day to touch on a phenomenon noted in my last COVID/CABAL periscope (these are somewhat political and very esoteric / conspiratorial, so ignore these if that’s not your thing). No doubt there are parallels — indeed, you can’t simply limit it to the right, it connects to (almost) the entire political establishment. […]

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Abundance vs Avoidance

The other day on my dating/relationship periscope (check out these weekly wine Q&As if you haven’t) I got a little “deep” on one of my questions. The low down: A guy was considering breaking things off with a girl he’d been dating for about 6 months, in part because he felt he wasn’t ready, and could “upgrade.”

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Manosphere R*tardation On Full Blast

Recently there was a tweet going around that got some traction. And some of you asked me to comment: As the title of this post suggests, the advice above is full-blown manosphere retardation. It’s one of those tweets that not only pretends to be “alpha” and “logical” in order to rationalize emotional avoidance… but belies a complete

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How Men and Women Break Up

This email comes in response to an exchange I had intended to answer a LONG time ago… but have finally gotten aroundto. So how do men and women really break up? And how should they? First off… what Ryan says is true, that women tend to “break up emotionally” while they are still in the

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