A lot of you guys know Nash from @DaysOfGame_com on Twitter.

(If you don’t, he’s one of my most recommended follows, so get on that)

Good guy. SMART guy. I met him in NYC a few months back for some lunch and wine… we talked for hours, and if we didn’t have  appointments we could have spent the whole evening doing so.

I like to describe Nash as the “encyclopedia” of Game.

In my 12 years in this world of women, I’ve never met someone who has such organized awareness of all the different “gurus” and schools of thought.

Nash takes copious notes when he stumbles across someone, and has the intellect to cross-analyze and reference said “expert” with others he’s learned from.

It’s a level of PRECISION DETAIL that is frankly overwhelming. If the world ended tomorrow, and all history had of the game community was Nash’s notes, historians would be able to reliably assess who taught what about women, and the quality and impact of said teachings.

Anyway, I mention all of this because I was recently honored with a review of my masterclass from Nash.

Apparently it started out as 7000 words… after weeks of editing he managed to pare it down to less than 3000.

If you were thinking of getting the masterclass, but weren’t sure what to expect… make sure you read this:

“Who The Hell Is Pat Stedman? – Masterclass Review”

He went through my 14 hour course more than 3 times and took 43 pages of notes.

In all honesty I think he knows the course better than I do.

Check out the review here.

– Pat

PS This review is for the original masterclass only. Since then 4.5 more hours have been added. Nothing in the original has been changed otherwise.