Had a request the other day to touch on a phenomenon noted in my last COVID/CABAL periscope (these are somewhat political and very esoteric / conspiratorial, so ignore these if that’s not your thing).

No doubt there are parallels — indeed, you can’t simply limit it to the right, it connects to (almost) the entire political establishment.

There are in fact only a handful of people in all of the DC / Media world who don’t shit their pants and panic (or at least, feign it to manipulate others) at the slightest turn of events.

I don’t think I need to tell you who the exception is.

That said, I’m not writing this email to ride donald’s dick.

I’m sure some of you guys don’t like him, and that’s fine (likability isn’t one of his virtues).

But there’s a reason he’s done so well with women his whole life… and no, it’s not just the money or the PR.

Trump maintains composure and boundaries regardless of what is happening or what is he is accused of.

He doesn’t succumb to SHIT TESTS. He has FRAME.

And make no mistake… the hysterics you see in the media are little different energetically than what you would experience from a crazy deranged woman.

Because hysteria — unregulated emotional demands and outbursts — is a FEMININE characteristic (literally, it comes from the Greek word for uterus). Ergo, when you see grown men acting hysterical, you are seeing men who lack a strong masculine center.

And you better believe that effects them in their relationships with women.

Which is why when I see guys who freak out and demand reactivity to whatever the daily outrage is, I know they aren’t particularly good at leading in a relationship.

Because their knee-jerk reaction to tension is to succumb to it.


Leadership isn’t simply about having a vision and guiding people towards it. People won’t give you authority because you’re smart and have a good idea.

Leadership is given to those who have the capacity to weather the shit tests of life.

That when things are bad, when things don’t go according to plan — you don’t panic, you see beyond the chaos. And that you inspire this confidence in those around you.

That doesn’t mean you take no action. This would be an avoidance pattern. You are not really being “cool and collected” when you are not taking serious things seriously.

But composure under fire is non-negotiable.

Anyway, I think you get the message.

The mob is a woman. If you can’t handle one, you won’t be able to handle the other.

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– Pat