April 2019

The 5 Tiers of Women

It goes without saying there is an enormous amount of debate within the dating world about “how to attract women.” Everybody’s got a different philosophy. Some swear by game, and think it’s a requirement to get women. Some believe you need to have a ripped body and fat wallet. And still others believe things “just …

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The Other Kind of Daddy Issues

So yesterday I put out an email some might have considered harsh towards women who had “daddy issues.” Which is why today I want to talk about something I have found to be an extreme issue with many of my clients… yet no one has talked about in our usual internet circles. I’m referring to …

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Boundaries > Tension > Intimacy

I tweeted this out last week and it got some attention… though not as much as it should have. (it’s usually like that on Twitter) But to be fair, a lot of people were confused by it. So let’s address that. Boundaries > Tension > Intimacy is the formula for how a romantic interaction progresses. …

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