I heard some serious pearls of wisdom on Twitter the other day I had to share.

I won’t name names, cause I’m not interested in the drama… suffice to say we’ve had spats before and they’re a red pill sperg.

But the content was too important to pass up.

Definitely some of the most funny and/or tragic stuff I’ve seen come out of that corner of despair.

It addressed, specifically, the perils of “getting sick” and how it impacts game.

This guy’s point was basically that it’s easy enough to manage an illness when you’re single… since you can just go off radar for a few days.

But in a relationship, it’s a big deal… since you’re bound to get all sorts of tests from a girl when you’re weak and recovering.

These sort of tweets are important, and I want you to internalize them.

Because they represent why I don’t identify with that corner of the manosphere, and why if you do you’re going to be worse off long-term.

Look: I’m not an anti-game person, obviously.

“Game” is an important thing to be aware of, not only because it shows you how to spike attraction with a woman… but defend yourself against her wiles.

But it shouldn’t be something you have to constantly think about for survival.

Your interactions with people — especially the woman you are in a relationship with — shouldn’t be based solely on fear.

Some fear — a credible threat that you won’t take crap — yes, this is relevant.

But so much fear that you have to worry about your woman treating you badly if something happens to you, rather than rallying around you…

This is frankly something I can’t even relate to.

I’ve never had a girlfriend treat me worse when I’ve been sick.

I’ve had them bring me soup.Check in on me.

But never shit test me.

In fact, being sick brings out the tender side of the girl even more than usual.

So, to try to reconcile this strange statement with my (collective) experience:

You have to be a real shithead, dating a severely pathological woman for her response to your sickness to be an opportunity to disrespect you.

Anyway, you’ve got two choices to getting “better” with women it seems:

– Become a dick and take vitamin C hoping you never get the flu
– Become a leader and never worry about a woman’s devotion for you

If you want Option A, continue to listen to the miserable rants of the usual suspects.

If you want Option B…

Apply here: www.patstedman.com/application

– Pat