One of my former clients was in the city the other day, and we got to chatting about the role of mothers vs fathers in a person… and which is more important for their development.

Conventional wisdom indicates this is the mother.

And maybe that’s true.

The mother is generally the one who facilitates emotional bonding, allowing someone to receive love, get in touch with their emotions, and develop intimacy with others.

But as we also know, the effects of not having a father are also devastating.

And we see the results of this far more frequently in the current year, particularly with women.

Now, I hate saying these things… because I do believe you need to judge each woman holistically.

But there’s no question that one variable above all others determines a woman’s ability to be a good partner:

The existence and health of her relationship with her father.

The truth is women who don’t know their father, who were abused by their father, who don’t trust their father, who had a weak father… These women will not surrender to or respect the men they later date, and they never have high self-esteem.

Their relationship with men has, in other words, been permanently fucked.

These women usually act like they are “bad bitches” or “independent,” but are in fact extremely insecure.

These women NEED validation.

Which is why they are often promiscuous, and play games with guys… chasing them and pushing them away, depending on how they are being gamed themselves.

These are the kind of women the Red Pill works like a charm on.

The only problem?

They’re also the women you definitely don’t want to date.

So, if you want to make sure a woman is quality dating material… Save yourself some trouble and check out what’s going on between her and her father.

If she loves him and respects him (or another replacement male figure growing up), you’ve got an auspicious sign for the future.The only “problem?”

These women also demand a lot of the men they date… because they’ve experienced a man with his shit together.

So fuck boys won’t make the cut.

You need to get your core mindset rock solid.

Know how to engage with a woman on a deep level, running “advanced game”… not the amateur stuff plastering the internet.

And finally, to have a lifestyle that she wants to involve herself in.

How to get this stuff?

I know a shortcut:

Work with me.

That is, if…

– Creating a large & exciting social circle
– Eliminating self-sabotaging beliefs & insecurities
– Understanding advanced strategy & tactics for building attractionAre important things to you.

(And if you have any desire to live an above-average life… they better be)

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– Pat