January 2019

She Had It Coming

So a story I heard the other day… A family friend recently a cancer scare.And though he came out of it alive… it made him question some life choices. You see, this guy had 3 grown kids and a wife. Or should I say, a “long time live in girlfriend”… since they never formally married […]

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Why I Decided To Get Married

I got asked this question a bit ago surprisingly not from one of you dear gentlemen, but @sarahjeangosney (follow if you want to see what healthy female self-improvement looks like). Cutting to the chase… the truth is, I didn’t make my decision as most guys say you should. I didn’t do a long trial period

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Dealing With A Woman’s Moods

If you’ve spent any amount of time being intimate with a woman, you know women go through periods of what we call “craziness.” They might get upset about something stupid. Blow another thing out of proportion. Be emotional for no real reason whatsoever. As a guy — especially a guy raised in this society —

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How To Meet Intuitive Women

From reader Sean: I really appreciate your perspective on relationships so thanks for the excellent content. I’m sure you get inundated with emails asking for advice, so I’ll try to keep this brief. I’m an INTP who places a uniquely heavy emphasis on intellect and an ability to discuss abstract concepts/ideas in an open minded way (i.e

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