If you’ve spent any amount of time being intimate with a woman, you know women go through periods of what we call “craziness.”

They might get upset about something stupid. Blow another thing out of proportion. Be emotional for no real reason whatsoever.

As a guy — especially a guy raised in this society — it’s not always easy to deal with.

Most men get upset and needy when this stuff happens. They take it personally. Her being upset feels like it’s about them (and indeed — many times it is directed towards them).

Other guys find it completely unacceptable. You see this a lot in our corner of twitter — “alpha” guys saying female moods are more or less off the table.

I can relate to the feelings of these guys.

But the truth is, you can’t get intimate with a woman if you don’t allow her to experience these things with you.

Guys who are weak, freak out about female moods, and on a certain level this includes guys who “refuse to deal with them”… because it’s a sign it gets under their skin, and they lack the ability to manage them. Their relationships with women will thus always be superficial.

The truth about female moods is that… they’re an inevitable part about being female.

Most of it is hormonal. Experienced guys know how a woman acts towards you is massively impacted by her “cycle” (yes hormonal BC affects this as well).

This is why “that time of the month” is a thing.

But it’s also a nature of femininity.

Femininity is wild by nature.

It’s impulsive.

And it’s one of the things we men love about it, if we’re being honest.

Think of women like mother nature and they make a lot more sense.

They’re a cool stream of water, fresh peaches off of a tree… and hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards.

Women are hot and cold, sugar and spice — and if you ever want to get to the heart of a woman you need to accept this duality in her.

They are like “climates,” and some will be more appealing subjectively and objectively to you to reside in. But none are ever 100% perfect.

With that out of the way, how to manage them?

Well — you manage them like a man would manage an environment.

You accept it for what it is. And you smile in the face of it.

You don’t allow your frame to get rocked because there’s a little bad weather. You get on with your stuff, and let the storm play out.

Not only because this unfazed attitude is what allows you to survive in the world in general. But unlike in nature, how you respond to these female “storms” determines their length.


Women look to men to stabilize them fundamentally. Women have responsibility for their emotions, but how you react to those emotions either calms or amplifies her unease.

Teasing a girl when she’s moody, “holding space” for her while she’s venting… not personalizing it… in healthy women, this always leads to a decline in what they’re feeling.

Because get it: women don’t like to be in the moods.

They know they’re obnoxious on a certain level.

And they appreciate guys who don’t enhance the emotion or make them feel bad about themselves.

Letting a woman be emotional is the key to making her love you.

Because women ARE emotional, and to accept this about them is to accept them at their worst.

Which is a true mark of love.

Anyway, I know this stuff isn’t easy to manage.

If you’re in a relationship — chance are your woman is doing this, and it’s affecting the attraction between you too. Maybe you even feel like the relationship is falling apart.

If it’s the case: reach out to me.

I know how to fix these problems, make your frame stronger, and make your woman less moody and more attracted to you again (and you likewise to her).

Really doesn’t make any sense to get into fights all the time and have a sexless relationship when you can avoid it.

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– Pat

PS Check out an article I’ve written on moody women for more tips.