Gonna keep this sucker quick…

But, I want you to pay attention even more than usual.

Cause this idea is gonna change your life.

It’s a little something I call Breadcrumbs.

(actually, I got it from one of my former mentors, Nick Sparks)

Now, the idea behind breadcrumbs is simple.

You know Hansel and Gretel, right?

Two little kids trying to find their way home… so as they wander in the woods the leave breadcrumbs to find their way back…“Breadcrumbs” in dating is simple.

You leave open loops as much as you can in conversation.

Leaving interesting topics for people to “munch” on… without satisfying them.

And example:

I lived in Argentina for a year.

Something that women find pretty cool and interesting.

Now, on a date there are two ways to play this fact generally.

Don’t bring it up.

Or bring it up and talk about it.

Both have their drawbacks.

The first means you lose a lot of interesting things about yourself to share.

(I find this very common with clients… they have really cool stuff about themselves, but keep it buried so no one can find out… not smart!)

But the second one is potentially even worse.

Because talking about the interesting stuff you’ve done can very quickly start subcommunicating that you’re actually a bit needy for validation… a bit too eager to impress…“Breadcrumbs” threads the needle.

So instead of, for instance, talking about my jaunt into Argentina.

I’d just say something like this, if the segue presented itself.


You: “Oh yeah, that reminds me of nightlife in Argentina… you’d be out at midnight earliest, wouldn’t get back till 5AM, sometimes 8AM.”

Her: “Wait, did you go to Argentina?”

You: “Yeah, I used to live there… fun times. Anyway so tell me, what happened next?”


Understand what just happened?

I brought up something interesting… but I didn’t expand on it.

I left a little breadcrumb trail for her to follow for the future, if she so wished.

And a bunch of little crummies to enhance the mystery around me.

She doesn’t know anything about my time in Argentina… or why I went there.

She just knows that I did. And that I did some fun stuff.

Now, one little breadcrumb is nice.

A good little bit of mystery.

But can you imagine how a girl feels when you leave 3 little breadcrumb trails for her?



Suddenly, you’re el Dos Equis man.

Mystery is through the roof.

And, second date guaranteed.

Now… a catch to this, in case you missed it.

Breadcrumbs are most effective when… did you see it?

You’re not talking about yourself.

You’re keeping the focus on HER.

This makes your mystery skyrocket while she feels more and more invested (because people who talk, tend to give up frame)

Anyway, you get the picture.

Use it, and profit with les femmes.

And if you want to take that tidy profit and turn it into a trust fund?

Work with me.

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– Pat