March 2017

Stop Studying Game

A colleague on Twitter the other day commented about how “aspiring PUAs” would throw shade at him if, for instance, he hooked up with a girl because she invited him back to her place — and little work on his part was required. He was somehow “fake” and “not really good at picking up women,” since women were picking […]

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The First Shall Be Last

If you guys are in my Dynamic Men group, you might have known I witnessed a (failed) daygame attempt today in Miami. (For the deets, and to get some basic daygame tips, join here: I poked fun at the guy a bit, because technique aside, he was dead in the water. You can’t dress below

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Follow Your Intuition

FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION Last weekend I went to see a cousin of mine. Hard to say exactly why. We hadn’t really talked that much, except through email. But it was a feeling — a feeling that had been nagging me since the start of the new year — that we needed to see each other.

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“Be A Real Man”

Perhaps you recall, a few weeks ago I wrote an email critiquing the modern phenomenon of safe spaces. Fairly benign, I thought. After all – you don’t hear too many adults anywhere particularly inspired by college students who need an emergency dose of play-dough in order to process an opposing view point. But, apparently it

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Don’t Bring A Pig Home

I’ve been trying to cut back on my social media usage. I find my mood *and* concentration are better when I lay off, even if I’m only looking when I’m not working. Which has led to the phone being removed from many places, such as the bathroom. At my house, I basically sit in silence.

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Cat Shit Tail

Yesterday, I had a bit of a predicament. My cat, scoundrel that he is, ate one of my wife’s hair bands. Not a good thing. Hair bands can get caught in a cat’s intestines. If they get bunched up enough, they can cause tears and even require surgery to remove. An awful prospect. We would

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Movies, Sex, Girls

Yesterday I heard an interesting story. A colleague of mine has been hooking up with a girl for the past three weeks. Him and this fine damsel were sleeping together on the regular. Last night, however, after they had their regular “rendezvous,” he asked her if she wanted to stick around and watch a Woody

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Pat Stedman’s Amateur Hour

So, as many of you know, my new book, Tackling Texting, was supposed to come out today.And, yet, it has not. To be honest, though it would be “classic Pat” to have something unfinished on my end delaying the opening, truthfully this time it was a little something more bland. Amazon apparently has an *up

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Basic Screening

Today I jumped on a bus from NYC to south jersey. It was crowded, and there were a lot of standbys. It was (sadly) clear all of them were not going to get on. Bodies were fighting to get in. So, I was a bit surprised to see a girl on the bus had placed

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