If you guys are in my Dynamic Men group, you might have known I witnessed a (failed) daygame attempt today in Miami.

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I poked fun at the guy a bit, because technique aside, he was dead in the water.

You can’t dress below average when you’re trying to pick up women on one of the wealthiest streets in America. The girls were repulsed.

(Take that as an FYI if some Pick Up marketer tells you otherwise)

But, all that being said, I admire the guy.

He’s putting in the reps.

And, if he starts to think about this more carefully, he’ll get “there.”

Which leads me to an important question.

How many of you can say the same?

This guy had bad posture, was balding badly, dressed like crap, and yet…He spent a solid 1.5 hours *at least* approaching beautiful women on a Thursday morning.

That’s dedication.

He’s not playing smart, but he’s playing hard, and that deserves respect.

Frankly, I wish more guys had that drive.

So, as the weekend approaches. It’s time to ask yourself:

Is improving with women really important to you? Or is this just something you like to complain about?

Excuses are a dime a dozen. Trust me, I’ve heard them all… they mean *nothing* except that you’re not serious.

You either put in the effort, or you don’t.

That’s life.

Figure out what’s important to you and dive in.

There’s no other way to get it handled.

– Pat

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