Perhaps you recall, a few weeks ago I wrote an email critiquing the modern phenomenon of safe spaces.

Fairly benign, I thought.

After all – you don’t hear too many adults anywhere particularly inspired by college students who need an emergency dose of play-dough in order to process an opposing view point.

But, apparently it struck a nerve with one subscriber, who rushed to their defense:

“Cannot have a conversation with someone who uses name calling. Please level up your conversation. Be a Real man”

I chuckled.

Not so much because of what he said. After all, it’s not the first — and won’t be the last — time I’ve offended someone for speaking my mind.

No, I was more amused by the fact that he was still subscribed to the list.

Seemed strange that a “real man” would continue to subject himself to such debasing conversation.

So, I did him a favor and took care of it for him, and let him know so he wouldn’t be pining for his next email fix:

“No time for weak minded people on my list. I’ve unsubscribed you for you since you lack the willpower to do it yourself.”



(judging by his response, he certainly didn’t like it)

But, around here guys gotta be tough.

And moreover: they’ve got to keep the “shaming” to themselves.

It ain’t gonna work and it ain’t gonna fly.

“Be a real man” is the trope society has used to put men into slavery. To make them “shut up” and keep their opinions and desires to themselves.

It’s a way of silencing: “If you don’t say what I want, you’re not a real man.”

The very thing I don’t want for you guys.

So, if you don’t like what I say, tell me.

Or better yet: leave.

No one’s making you stay here. I cultivate this list for a reason. And the intolerant and weak are not welcome.

A philosophy I, incidentally, carried over with great success to women.

Specifically in texting.

So, if you’ve had a problem setting up a date due to flaking or bad behavior.

Well, you might just love the secrets I have to spill. Get them here:

PS I released a new article today on intuition. Lot of stories in this one. Enjoy!

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