September 2021

The Bad Girl Bear Trap

Love and hate a situation that emerged with a client the other day. Love it cause it’s one of my favorite topics, but hate it cause it’s always a difficult convo… as guys hate to hear. Basically, my client is seeing this girl. Very attractive. They slept together on their first date, and apparently the

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Is She The One?

Common question I get — and one that arose with a client recently — is how you can know whether a girl is “the one.” Is there something about her that’s different than other girls? What emotions should you feel? It’s a good question, though obviously a difficult one to answer. First because of the

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Why The Chad Dates Down

A reader writes in: — Blushing at that intro! However the question is a very good one. Why DO “chads” so often end up with unattractive women? One of the many phenomena “the red pill” would rather ignore than attempt to explain… because it contradicts some of their deeply held beliefs about “alpha males.” First,

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The Double Edge of Seduction

Was chatting with a client the other day when an amusing yet tragic scenario came up. First a little backstory: My client is pretty good with women. Attractive dude, knows game and how to flirt. Girls often take an interest in him, and he tends to encourage them by “pulling back” exactly when he needs

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Nice Guys Strike Back

Been observing something the last couple of months that’s incredibly fascinating. When I saw it the first time, I considered it an exception. When I saw it the second time, a curiosity. Now I’ve seen it 5+ times among my clients and it seems to be gaining speed. And so I’m taking this shift very

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